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Spice Islands Apparels Limited is principally a manufacturer of woven and knitted garments, such as Shirts, Blouses, Skirts, T-shirts, Polo shirts and Sweatshirts. We have corporate office in Mumbai and manufacturing facilities and offices in several cities across India.

Spice Islands was established in 1988 and prides itself in its unique understanding of its customer's requirements in relation to design, quality, pricing, lead-times and effective communications.

All our main personnel have extensive experience of working with and for the European and US markets. Our Managing Director and Sales Director have between them, over 50 years of experience in the textile & clothing industry.

With more than 20 years of experience and expertise in the textile trade, in Europe, USA and Asia, we understand what is important to our customers.
We can offer a diversity of products in woven and knitted fabrics, so that you can do 'one stop shopping' here in India.
MUMBAI - Mens Shirts, Ladies Blouses / tops, Special hand embroidered tops etc.
BANGALORE - Mens shirts, Ladies blouses / tops / skirts.
All sampling and product development is done here.
Current Production Capacity (per annum) : 400000 pcs from dedicated units.
COIMBATORE - Spice has recently tied up with an ISO 9001-9002 unit where we work right from yarn stage to dyeing to weaving to garment making. The unit has an in-house laundry too.
Current Production Capacity :
120,000         pcs/month1
1,300,000     m/month2
TIRUPUR - Basic Mens / Ladies / Girls / Children's T-shirts, Fashion T-shirts, Polo Shirts, Sweatshirts, Jerseys, Piques, Jacquards, Yarn dyed stripes ... all in a wide variety of fabrics.
Current Production Capacity (per annum) :
500000 to 600000 pcs in-house
300000 to 350000 pcs from dedicated units.
All our units are well equipped with Japanese, German and Chinese machinery and operated by highly skilled workers, whilst under direct supervision of quality Supervisors.
Sourcing and supply of quality fabrics and accessories from India, China and Taiwan.
Embroidery, washing and other finishes - as these are specialized areas we outsource these to dedicated specialists.
We understand the importance of having timely and accurate information at all times and therefore can supply the customer with weekly 'Production Status Reports' (PSR's) so that they can keep track of the progress on all orders placed with us.
Attention to detail is of prime importance and following the customer's guidelines and criteria for quality standards, to be achieved by the supplier, we carry out Inspections as per the customer's requirements.
Effective handling of follow-up on sampling & order details, to ensure timely delivery is essential to both the customer and Spice Islands.

Our factories comply with all social requirements vis-à-vis prevalent laws of the country. These have been implemented using SA-8000 norms and duly certified by BVQI. Apart from this, our factories have also been audited by Target of USA and have been issued factory codes. The audit has been carried out by their respective agencies such as Intertek and AMC.


Spice Islands aim, is to show current and potential customers that, with the resources available to us on fabrics and manufacturing, India can be a reliable and cost effective source of coordinated products in Ladies, Men’s & Children wear. With our contacts in wovens & knits, it is possible to use common fabrics, colours & designs in more than one product.

We know that the first 'exploratory' step is always the hardest but why not satisfy your curiosity and perhaps you will be pleasantly surprised at how India can work to your advantage.

Company Profile
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